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» Taylor Swift's new "Shake It Off" to challenge for the top spot on next week's Hot 100

The most exciting action on next week’s Hot 100 might belong to a song not yet on the chart: Swift’s “Shake It Off.” The song barely misses this week’s list, fueled by its first two days of airplay; still, it enters Radio Songs at No. 45 with 29 million in all-format audience. Because the Hot…

Why's Cal so afraid of cold water he should've just did it when Ash did

I mean, by not doing the ice bucket challenge, he’s not spreading the awareness, but at least he donated the money, which is one of the major points of the challenge in the first place. 

WANEGBT got like +600,000 downloads. If Shake It Off does get around 500,000 downloads it will be the fastest selling single since WANEGBT I believe, so at least she holds that record. :) I think 1989 will have Taylor's most iconic song to date, or at least her top 3. Shake It Off is great but I don't think it will be memorable in a couple of years unlike WANEGBT, YBWM & Love Story. Do you think IKYWT & 22 will be memorable in a couple of years?

Ok, cool! 

I actually think Shake It Off will be memorable for a while, but probably not as much as WANEGBT. IKYWT might be, but doubtful about 22 because it wasn’t as popular a single anyway.

Are those good sales in comparison to her big hits from Red?

I’m not sure. We probably have to wait until it’s been a full week to compare for sure. 

My brother’s friend was supposed to pick up this bed over an hour ago and now I’m pissed off and hungry.