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I live for these moments.


Bonus Track

Lol. I doubt the people who were buying it new it was static they were probs just thinking "yeah taylor song!"

But it said it was 8 seconds long, so you would think that would indicate that it wasn’t an actual song.

I know a lot of public figures who have referenced Shake It Off on TV or through social media when talking about a problem they're dealing with. Like it's so cool that so much people are actually using her advice haha. Not only is she making happy and danceable music, she's helping people. Good on ya Taylor.

Yeah, I think Shake It Off is actually pretty good advice for how to handle situations.

“I needed a coping mechanism for dealing with people gossiping, criticizing other people constantly and I’ve gotten a lot of comments from my fans and I knew they were going through it too and I wanted to give them a song that would not be victimized. It wouldn’t be like poor me I’m being bullied. It would be like, you know what, people are hating on me for being myself I’m going to be myself more.” — Taylor Swift talking about ‘Shake It Off’ with Much Music (x)

What a unique accomplishment though, that Taylor went to the top of the charts with a short clip of static. Girl can do anything. Yeah it's a glitch, but it still counts haha.

Lol, that’s so funny. Like the people that got pushed down on the charts because of that are probably like what the fuck.

Taylor topping the charts with 8 seconds of static is making us Canadians sound dumb lol, like we actually bought a clip of static lol. The track was released but you can't buy it, you can only preview it. Idk how it got to #1 though…maybe because the 1989 album is #1 on iTunes albums list? Who knows, but it is pretty cool that friggen static got her the #1 spot lol.

Lol, I mean, I figured people wouldn’t actually buy something that was only 8 seconds long. From what I heard, Itunes just screwed up, so maybe it automatically downloaded for anyone who had the album preordered and that made it number 1?



remember when they all switched outfits during uan



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Elie Saab is my favorite ever

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