Lol people are so rude when they relate 5SOS and 1D or just mention them in the same sentence. Like 5SOS wouldn't be this big if it wasn't for 1D taking the Aussies on tour with them.

Yeah, I get what you mean. I do think 5SOS would have gotten there eventually, because it’s not as though they were completely unknown when Louis first tweeted about them, but I do think the fact that they went on tour with 1D made them become popular a lot faster. 

And it’s not as though the 5SOS guys have ever denied that being on tour with 1D has helped them out a lot. 

I think the fans just get upset when 1D is mentioned in 5SOS interviews because it lumps them together and makes people think that 5SOS is another boyband, when technically speaking, they’re not. 

AndySamuels:Last night was fun, even though I’m paying the consequences today…

The most iconic moment of the interview +

Dylan O’Brien accepting Breakthrough Actor at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

5 Seconds of Summer on Girlfriends and Billboard Award Mishap;


@ashtonirwin: Ummm I think the answer is Calvin Klein!!
kyliegriffiths: Fun times with this guy @luke_is_a_penguin 💚
calumhood: What the fuck